Tea Advent(ure) Day 7: Roasted Kukicha

Tea Advent(ure) Day 7: Roasted Kukicha

The twigs from a Spring Sencha harvest are roasted on their own to be made into Kukicha, also known as Twig Tea. Though some Kukicha teas also contain some Sencha tea leaves, this roasted kukicha is made only with the stem and twig. The appearance of this tea can be best described as a bird’s nest - the small twigs, mostly even in size, are roasted to rich hues of cocoa brown. As the twig and stem of the tea plant contains very minimal amounts of caffeine, this tea makes for a beautiful evening drink. Due to the lack of leaves in its constitution, Roasted Kukicha can be steeped at a higher water temperature and for a longer time than a green leaf tea without ever becoming astringent.

Both the aroma and flavour of this beautiful twig tea is reminiscent of malted brown sugar and dried wood. Notes of warm maple sap weave their way into the cup as it sits. Steeps to a gentle, clear tawny brown.

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