Tea of the Month :: Jasmine Superior

Tea of the Month :: Jasmine Superior

Based on feedback we have received thus far from our survey, we are switching from Tea of the Week to Tea of the Month. It feels in greater alignment with the way the world is moving slower these days, and with the way of tea being one of slowing down.


Save 10% on Jasmine Superior in March (this is up to 35% total savings when you purchase in bulk!)

Fujian Province is home to China’s finest jasmine teas. The green tea destined to become jasmine tea is harvested early spring, then partially processed and stored until summer arrives and the jasmine vines start to blossom.

Finely tuned skills of the teamakers allow the green tea to become scented and imprinted with the essence of the fresh Jasmine blossom. Jasmine flowers are co-mingled with the leaves numerous times over the course of several days, weeks or even months for the highest quality teas and when they are removed they leave behind their beautiful scent.

Our Jasmine Superior offers a fresh and crisp green-gold liquor. Smooth on the palate and full-mouthed with lasting and refreshing notes of jasmine. This unique, beautiful fragrance has an assertive linger, and offers a slightly dry cooling effect on the tongue to finish. A great everyday jasmine tea that pairs beautifully with savoury meals.

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