TEA OF THE MONTH :: Jia Ji Shou Pu-erh

TEA OF THE MONTH :: Jia Ji Shou Pu-erh
Jia Ji is one of our newest additions to our Pu-erh tea collection. Although each tea style is unique, Pu-erh is exceptionally so. This is an excellent Pu-erh for those who are seeking an introduction to this distinct style of tea.
Unlike other tea styles, Pu-erh undergoes a fermentation process. Like Champagne, Pu-erh is geographically indicated. To be called Pu-erh, the tea must be produced in Yunnan Province, China and meet certain standards. The origin can be traced back to the original tea trading post in Pu'Er City, Yunnan.
The aroma of Jia Ji is warm like a fresh-baked, leavened loaf. The taste is of mild mushrooms and fresh humus earth after a rain storm. The steep is grounding. There is a gentle sweetness to the finish. The liquor becomes a completely opaque, dark rich espresso colour. There is no astringency even during long steep times - the flavour just get stronger.
This ripe (Shou) pu-erh is made from a larger leaf style of organically cultivated tea (assamica varietal) bushes that grow near the summit of the Ma Wei Mountain west of Pu'Er City. Jia Ji was harvested in April 2020, and wet piled to ferment and age through the summer.
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