TEA OF THE WEEK :: Nettle Chai Tisane

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Nettle Chai Tisane

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Perfect for the upcoming transition of seasons, this tisane pairs anti-allergenic properties of stinging nettle with warming masala spices.

Nettle Chai was created in 2012 for the local James Barber Chef’s Table Fundraiser. The theme that year was ‘Honey’ so naturally we looked to our hard-working and finely dressed friends in the garden. It was the honeybee’s golden pollen breeches, and little bitta sting (when necessary) that provided inspiration and led to this scrumptious infusion. The result is a lively and delicately spiced herbal chai that pairs beautifully with honey, as intended. 

Traditionally nettle is used a month ahead of allergy season, in preparation for the emergence of spring! Nettles are known to provide immune support, as well as other nutritive and mineral benefits. The addition of lemon peel and verbena adds brightness and zest, and much like the tail of a bee, the cup has a ‘piquant’ peppery ginger finish. All of this, plus a warm, tantalizing cinnamon and cardamom blend will surely help us through the last nip of winter and ready for any upcoming spring showers!


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