TEA OF THE WEEK :: Sencha Yamabuki
It is a common misconception that green teas are bitter. When properly steeped, many high-quality greens will have almost no perceptible astringency! That is true for this limited harvest Sencha. This tea offers a classic umami flavour. It is a blend of toasty, nutty, soft and creamy, with delicate floral and fruit notes and a lingering mineral sweetness.
Teas made in the Sencha style are the most popular in Japan. This particular Sencha is grown in the Kagoshima prefecture and made with the tender first flush leaves of the spring harvest, which are quickly steamed to preserve the beautiful green colour and grassy, savoury flavour. This processing style is common of many Japanese teas and results in steeps that are described as 'umami', one of the five basic categories of human taste. Although in English language we do not have a word to describe this taste, this Sencha provides us with a rough translation by providing a perfect encapsulation of the umami quality.
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