TEA OF THE WEEK : Assam Supreme

TEA OF THE WEEK : Assam Supreme
This Assam Supreme TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) is a high-grade, whole leaf Assam displaying classic and delightful malty notes with a warm character. Due to the large surface area of the leaves, it steeps with slightly less astringency and boldness than a broken-leaf Assam, creating a cup that is both rich and wonderfully smooth. Steeps to an earthy red sienna. Excellent on its own, or with a touch of milk and honey.
The nose of the cup has toasted notes of dried hay and hints of brown sugar. Smooth on the palate, this tea maintains a rich malt flavour quintessential to an Assam tea without the strong linger of tannins, and pleasant traces of sweet honey at the back of the palate.

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