TEA OF THE WEEK :: Blossom

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Blossom

We are happy to announce this tea is back in stock!

And this week we are featuring this green tea blend as our Tea of the Week. Save 10% in the Teashop, online, or at the Duncan Farmer's Market.

Two beautiful Chinese teas come together to create this floral blend: White Peony (Bai Mu Dan), a white tea named for its floral notes, and Jasmine tea, a well-known green tea that has been oxidized between layers of freshly picked jasmine blossoms.

The steep has a lovely natural sweetness and gentle green astringency, rounded by the delicate aroma of rose petals. The result is an elegant tea with a bouquet of floral notes, for a lovely cup hot or iced (using the cold steep method).

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