Tea of the Week :: Decaf Earl

Tea of the Week :: Decaf Earl
TEA OF THE WEEK :: Decaf Earl
Save 10% on our Decaf Earl until February 23rd. A great choice for those who delight in a cup of Earl Grey but need an option with limited caffeine. We use a decaffeinated Nilgiri tea as the base tea, these types of tea are known to be crisp, aromatic, and flavourful. Nilgiri (which translates to Blue Mountain) is one of India’s tea districts and the name given to the base tea. A truly Italian organic, oil of Bergamot from Calabria is used to scent the tea, cold-pressed from the rind of the bergamot orange.
An auburn-gold liquor and earthy aroma invokes the senses. This decaf is full of flavour, from the first sip the tea layers in gentle astringency with copper and dry woodsy tones, and even a slight floral note. The flavour further develops and covers the palate. An aroma lingers in the cup like freshly cut wood. The crisp bergamot citrus compliments the earthy Nilgiri and pulls even greater depth out of the tea flavour.

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