TEA OF THE WEEK :: Fireside

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Fireside
This sweet n smoky blend was meant to be enjoyed by the fire - a bonfire on the beach, or near the fireplace autumn day. Let your mind drift off to your favourite fireside moments, and let this tea is a sign of more to come! It is excellent with or without milk and honey, and served piping hot or chilled (we suggest the cold-steeping method for making an iced tea). Pair with a meal or dessert! It is also excellent for experimentation in culinary pursuits.
The smooth smoke from the Lapsang Souchong fills the cup in both aroma and flavour. This strength has been balanced with a pure Keemun black tea, adding subtle malt and cinnamon notes for a well-rounded steep. The liquorice root enhances the finish and linger with gentle natural sweetness.
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