Tea of the Week :: Green Kukicha

Tea of the Week :: Green Kukicha

Kukicha translates to "Twig Tea" and this Green Kukicha is made from a combination of Bancha (second-flush) tea leaf stems, twig and stalks. This tea is steamed like a traditional Japanese green to halt oxidation and to maintain its rich and varied green hues. While Kukicha teas initially combined twigs and stems for the sake of frugality during difficult times, this Limited Harvest Karigane Soukun composition has a delightful almost fruity flavour and aroma that is unique to many Western palates but has become popular and well-loved in Japan and internationally.

When traditionally prepared, this tea balances both clarity and creaminess, savouriness and acidity. The first steep is slightly floral, with a muted green freshness which develops in the flavour as the cup sits. The texture is creamy and smooth, while having a direct astringent wash on the mid-palate with slightly sweet mineral notes and a frank grassy freshness. The second steep delivers a bright, clearer taste and texture, with notes of citrus blossom in the aroma. Umami notes linger at the back of the tongue. 

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