Tea of the Week :: Keemun Superior

Tea of the Week :: Keemun Superior

This Keemun Superior is a quintessential, high-quality organic example of the teas typical from the Quimen region of Anhui. Keemun has been the colonial English spelling, and pronunciation for Quimen teas since colonial times. The soil conditions in the area are known to add a unique sweetness to the teas. This one steeps to an astringency that is tangible but smooth. A classic, dry black tea.

The steep of this Keemun begins with the mingled aromas of a fresh sourdough bread and tasting notes of bitter chocolate and cotton. The brew is a deep reddish brown. There is a sweetness, of prune like richness that creates the very recognizable maltiness in the taste. The cup is smooth, with a gentle growing astringency that builds to a nearly sour, earthy citrus finish. As the tea sits, the smell of vanilla is perceptible.

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