TEA OF THE WEEK :: Matcha Keiki - Limited Harvest

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Matcha Keiki - Limited Harvest

Matcha Keiki - Limited Harvest Tea
Made from premium, organic, shade-grown, second harvest 'Tencha' tea leaves, this Matcha is carefully and freshly ground through a traditional stone mill. The depth of flavour and sweet vegetal qualities make this Matcha excellent for daily drinking (prepared traditionally in a tea bowl, or mixed into smoothies, lattés, etc) and for culinary explorations.
At Westholme, Matcha making serves as a relished afternoon pick-me-up and moment for pause before taking up another task. The vibrant emerald Matcha Keiki is our go-to. Keiki is a beautiful daily drinking Matcha with a perfect balance of quality and price point. It is traditionally a culinary Matcha and typically, culinary Matcha would used for baking rather than drinking, but the Keiki is an equisite exception - boasting both applications. In fact, it is the best culinary Matcha we have tried - an everyday drinking delight! This Matcha would make an impressive addition to Easter festivities, served as a beverage or in baking! We will be sharing inspired recipes. The creamy texture and savoury-sweet nutty flavour carries the palate through a complex astringent depth on the sides of the tongue, and leaves a refreshing and clear mineral linger.

This prepared matcha is like fresh, sweetly toasted rice, which develops a pleasant kelp finish. The vibrant emerald colour and aroma reminiscent of fresh grasses and spring rain offers a daily ritual for the emerging Spring season. With equal stimulating and soothing effects, this tea has been a staple in Japan for centuries, favoured by many from the Samurai warriors to the meditating monks. It is at once sweet and astringent, silky and frothy. Matcha reminds us to move with energies of renewal as they burst forth and still set aside time to rest and reflect.


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