TEA OF THE WEEK : Matcha Kotobuki - Limited Harvest

TEA OF THE WEEK : Matcha Kotobuki - Limited Harvest
Tea of the Week : Matcha Kokotbuki - Limited Harvest 🍵
Enjoy 10% OFF this exquisite, ceremonial-grade Matcha until February 1st!
A sweet pine-nut aroma precedes the tea. The thick, incredibly silky texture of the prepared matcha immediately coats the palate with the smooth, creamy flavour of fresh cashews and green spring grasses. When prepared correctly, there is no perceptible astringency. The linger is a gentle, slight umami paired with clear mineral notes on the back of the tongue.
We haven't had a Matcha as good as this one in a long time. It froths beautifully, and the colour is amazing! Enjoy it on its own, or use to make a matcha latte. Find the preparation instructions on our website.

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