TEA OF THE WEEK :: Monkey Picked (Limited Harvest)

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Monkey Picked (Limited Harvest)
Save 10% until October 20th on this Limited Harvest Ti Kwan Yin Oolong! This beautiful tea gets its name from a Chinese legend that monkeys were once trained to pick the highest quality leaves from the tops of the tall, wild tea trees in tea forests of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province. Fujian is considered to be the birthplace of Oolong style tea. Though the truth of this legend has been long debated, the term Monkey Picked is now widely used to refer to a high quality harvest of choice Oolong.
The leaves unfurl slowly during steeping, allowing a sustained release of exquisite, fresh flavour and floral aroma during several steeps. With a lively chartreuse liquor and a lovely nose hinting a fresh fruit blossoms, this Oolong is toasty warm and fresh at the same time. There is a distinct but delicate sweetness, with a touch of citrus, mild mineral notes and a light buttery creamy quality.
This Oolong can offer 5 - 6 steeps to explore. Find brewing instructions here

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