TEA OF THE WEEK:: Nilgiri Decaf

TEA OF THE WEEK:: Nilgiri Decaf

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A great choice for those who delight in a cup of black tea but need an option without the caffeine. Certainly Nilgiri is not your average decaf! The auburn-gold liquor and delicate earthy aroma is inviting. As you sip the flavour develops and deepens. The tea layers in gentle astringency, with an amber malt accompanied by notes which are brassy, woodsy, and even with hints of floral.
Nilgiri, which is a district in India, translates to Blue Mountain. Nilgiri is a class of tea on its own (much like Darjeeling and Assam) and is known to be bold, aromatic and flavourful. The estate where it comes from, Korakundah, is one of the higher elevated tea estates in the Nilgiri region, established in the 1930’s, and the first in the area to obtain Organic Certification. De-caffiniation is achieved using the swiss water method.
A tea which can truly be enjoyed anytime of day!

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