TEA OF THE WEEK :: Qilan (Rare Orchid) Oolong

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Qilan (Rare Orchid) Oolong

Qilan Oolong, also known as ‘Rare Orchid’, is a roasted oolong from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian province, China. The long, dark twisted tea leaves produce a beautiful amber liquor. Most Oolongs are not roasted - this processing technique presents a unique aroma and flavour.

The experience begins slowly - a straightforward, simple and smooth toasted earthiness that sits high on the palate. This transforms quickly into full mouth of toasted pecans and light toffee, and a raw coffee bean and cacao sweetness with a lengthy linger.

Despite tingling metallic notes of tannin on the edges of the tongue, the cup remains smooth and stays just shy of astringency with a timely brew. The aroma is a wonderful balance of sweet and savoury, beginning with toasted, nearly smoked hues and mixing sweet notes of cooked brown sugar.

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