TEA OF THE WEEK :: Sencha Yamabuki - Limited Harvest

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Sencha Yamabuki - Limited Harvest
Enjoy a 10% discount off of this Sencha Yamabuki - Limited Harvest until Monday, March 8th!
Tea made in the sencha style is the most popular in Japan. This sencha from the Kagoshima prefecture is made with the tender first flush leaves of the spring harvest, which are quickly steamed to preserve the beautiful green colour and grassy, savoury flavour. The processing style of many Japanese teas results in steeps that are often categorized as 'umami', one of the five basic categories of human taste. This Sencha is a perfect encapsulation of that quality.
The aroma of this sencha is carried by a slightly floral nose, paired with a toasted, thick softness. The palate has a creamy texture with gentle umami notes. There is almost no perceptible astringency, and a soft, savoury nutty flavour. The tea develops a mineral sweetness - almost a copper linger, with an astringent build and fruitier notes in subsequent steepings.

 Certified Organic

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