TEA OF THE WEEK :: White Lavender

TEA OF THE WEEK :: White Lavender

Style: White

Origin: Blended at Westholme

Ingredients: White Peony Tea, Lavender

Description: White tea is unique in the tea world for its lack of processing – the flavours from such fine plucks are delicate and true to the terroir where the tea was grown. This gentle tea blend uses a pure Chinese white tea, named for the natural floral aroma and flavour it possesses, and enhances this with dried buds of organic lavender. The perfume is grounding and calming – the tea is as lovely to savour on the nose as it is on the palate. It truly comforts the soul.

Tasting Notes: A delightful, delicate tea - The aroma of lavender weaves its way through the steam to calm the senses. The palate of the steep is delicate, clear and floral with a gentle natural sweetness. Perfect between meals, and wonderful hot or iced. 

Brewing Instructions:  2g per cup. 85ºC water. steep 3 minutes. Re-steep.


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