TEA OF THE WEEK :: Yunnan Gold

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Yunnan Gold
Yunnan Gold is a smooth, well rounded and delightful everyday cup. Toasty notes and a sweet complexity can be found in this steep. The golden tips of the tea buds as well as the rich and slightly sweet finish are typical of teas from Yunnan Province, China. Notes of golden sweet grasses mark both the aroma and flavour. Millennia of tea cultivation - the oldest in the world mark the tasting notes of this steep. In alignment with our ongoing giveaway, this tea highlights the birthplace tea with a classic everyday tea!

Yunnan is a south westerly province encompassing a splendour of tea terraces surrounded by snow-capped mountains, lakes and deep karst limestone topography as well as a diversity of peoples. Yunnan’s unique geography leads to a unique tea: the popular, rich, and mildly toasty flavour of what we refer to in the west as black tea, but what is known in China as red tea. Yunnan’s local ‘Dian Hong’ (red teas) are a true expression of the local landscape - this terroir offers a wonderfully rich and satisfying cup.

Enjoy 10% savings this everyday tea from May 13th - 19th AND receive a free gift pouch of tea with your purchase, selected by our Westholme Team to share tea terroir from around the world.

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