The Story of QUAIL'S PLUME :: Canadian Tea Feature

The Story of QUAIL'S PLUME :: Canadian Tea Feature



The Quails have been abundant around the tea garden this year, and such a joy to watch. The small flock of chicks have now grown into adolescents, and their small feathered tufts are beginning to sprout the quintessential 'California Quail tassel' that their parents bobble proudly. Most days, right on schedule, their family tea ritual begins; the group gathers and makes its way down the tea slopes at the top of the property, weaving their way over and under each row of plants. This is where they often make their home - protected by the dense Camelia bushes from predators, and shaded from the rain and sun, they surrounded themselves with food, family and conversation.

Taking comfort around tea is a trait that we happily share with these neighbours. The various earthy tones in our Canadian-grown Hojicha-style green tea reminded us of their famous plumage, and we've named it in their honour.

Though we can't all gather together as the quails do this year, we hope you'll take some time to sit, to sip, and to find a bit of comfort and beauty in the day.


~ The Westholme Team

(Quail photo credit @ Dave Menke, USFWS) 



Grown + Plucked + Processed at Westholme

Description: Based on a traditional Japanese Hojicha, a roasted twig and leaf tea, we created this tea from the fine twigs and leaves of our Camelia sinensis (tea) plants, under which local families of California Quail often make their home. Hand-cut and hand-harvested for processing, the tea leaves and twigs are wok-fired at high heat to capture a comforting and smooth roasted flavour. 

Tasting Notes: This roasted green tea offers a gentle, complex steep of sweetly toasted warm tobacco. This sweetness grows as it sits in the cup. On second and third steepings, the taste is reminiscent of fresh-cut autumn firewood. When made into an iced tea with the Cold Steep Method, a refreshing smoked apricot flavour, with an understated dryness, is tangible on the palate. 

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