Welcome to our holiday gift-set newsletter!

Here you will find a selection of our hand-made and expertly assembled gift sets, full of teas, ceramics, and more! From stocking stuffers to the main event, we have beautiful, unique, and wonderfully wrapped moments of comfort to share.

This has been a rough year for everyone... and with the cold winter months on the horizon, this is usually the time we gather together around good food and a warm fire. We know that Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, the New Year, and any and all other holidays you and yours celebrate are going to look a lot different this year.

We want to make sure that you can send the people you love something comforting, with a unique touch. The hand-made nature of everything we do, from tea making to ceramic art, adds that extra special element of intention and care. All of our gift sets are hand-packaged, hand-stamped, hand-wrapped, and ready to be gifted and enjoyed.

Please remember that all of our teas and ceramics are available in several sizes, and all can be wrapped and shipped for you to give as gifts. This newsletter will be focusing on a selection of our curated sets, just in time for the holidays.

So let us help you discover a new favourite for yourself, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your neighbours, and anyone else on your list this year.

As always, thank you for your support, and feel free to reach out to us by phone, e-mail, or social media with any questions you may have.


The Westholme Team



Our Tri-Pouch Taster Gift Sets are a perfect for stockings! Nicely tied together with rafia, the set is compact yet decorative. Great for the indecisive, as the teas/tisanes are pre-selected Westholme favourites - Just choose by tea type. You can also add on a spoon, a strainer, or both! All for $15.00 - $30.00 before tax.

Black Tea Tri-Pouch Taster
1x Assam Breakfast 1x Classic Earl 1x Masala Chai

Green Tea Tri-Pouch Taster
1x Jasmine Golden Dragon 1x Green Chai 1x Green Kukicha

Herbal Tisane Tri-Pouch Taster
1x Rooibos Chai 1x Minty Nettle 1x Rest

Combination Tri-Pouch Taster (1x black, 1x green, 1x herbal)
1x Cowichan Breakfast - black 1x Blossom - green, 1x Mysteaque - herbal


For the lover of Masala Chai Spices in all of their forms! This set contains four gift tins, each filled with one of Westholme's best-selling Chai Blends. Each gift tin provides 5 - 20 cups of tea (or several pots of tea to share) depending on leaf density. Perfect to get the feel of each tea + tisane, with room to share and experiment! Beautifully packed and wrapped for $42.00 before tax.

1x Masala Chai - Black
The dark, rich malte of a black Assam tea acts as the base for our tantalizing spice blend. Wonderful, fresh spices greet the nose and bring a natural, complex sweetness to the palate. Can be used to make Masala Chai Simple Syrup as well!

1x Green Chai - Green
Refreshing, comforting spice is woven through each sip, finishing with a pronounced grassy mouth and a lingering cinnamon finish.  

1x Rooibos Chai - Herbal
The natural sweetness of rooibos is balanced with the zest of orange peel and the grounded, peppery finish of a traditional chai blend.

1x Golden Chai - Herbal
A rich, balanced cup with a dash of earthiness and an irresistible zest. This tisane can be enjoyed on its own, or cooked on the stove with milk (or a milk alternative) to create a golden chai latte.



So, you find yourself on a search for the perfect gift for a family member, friend, or colleague... but you hit a snag.

Maybe you aren't completely sure what kind of tea they like to drink (green? black? herbal?), what tea accessories they have or need, or if a beautiful hand-built ceramic piece would be the way to go.

Our online gift cards are easy and convenient.

From a selection of prices ($25.00 +), simply choose the amount you wish to give and proceed to check out! Gift cards are delivered by e-mail, and contain instructions to redeem in our Online Store. Everything in our Online Store will be available for the recipient of your gift! They can also choose to pick up their purchase at our contact-free pick-up beside the Westholme Teashop during open hours, or have it shipped directly to their door - and we ship internationally for your friends and family members near and far!

From the Westholme terroir and studio, this gift set is the true taste and feel of the Westholme tea garden and property. It includes two exquisite handmade items, one from each of the Westholme Tea Company co-founders. From Margit Nellemann, a special footed cup, hand-built in her studio beside our Teashop, and from Victor Vesely, a 10g pouch of hand-plucked, hand-made Canadian-grown black tea from the slopes of our property.

This gift set is truly a rare and special find.

1x Medium Footed Cup

By Margit Nellemann

This footed teacup without a handle is a unique version of the Japanese yunomi - a cup traditionally used for every day, informal tea drinking in Japan. This size is perfect to cradle in your hands; excellent for enjoying the warmth of the tea without burning your fingers, as the White, Oolong and Green teas, as well as the high-quality black teas, that this cup is typically made to hold are generally brewed at lower temperatures for optimal aroma and flavour (below 100°C). Dishwasher Safe. No Microwave.

Size (approximate): Height : 7.5 cm, Width : 6.5 cm Capacity (approximate): Cups: 0.5 cups, 118 ml, or 4 fl oz


1x 10g Pouch Heron's Wake - Black Tea
By Victor Vesely

The Heron stands, stoic and silent, in the marshy fields below our tea garden. The elegant majesty of its presence commands the attention of those watching as it takes flight - we hold our breath as it ascends. It leaves behind a gentle wake that ripples through the marshes. Rich notes of toasted hazelnut and hints of ground cacao combine to form a satisfying full mouth finish. A woody, almost spiced aroma mingles with the deep smell of earthy leaves. Steeps to a beautiful red-gold.



This gift set is the tea lover's dream, and is excellent for any occasion!

On top of a gorgeous large mug hand-built by Margit Nellemann, we've also added a fine-mesh stainless steel strainer, which fits perfectly over almost any cup opening and effectively steeps and strains loose-leaf tea, hassle free - simply compost the used leaves once steeped and rinse strainer. The included 100g bag of our loose-leaf tea or tisane will make 50 wonderful cups, and you get to choose from a selection of Westholme favourites. Beautifully wrapped, and $90.00 before tax.

This gift set is a perfect introduction into the world of Matcha for beginners, or a nice way to complement someone's previous matcha experience. Hand-built ceramic tea bowl by Margit Nellemann, plus all the accessories and tea you need for matcha preparation and enjoyment! Your gift set will arrive beautifully packed in a hand-stamped kraft box, ready to be gifted, and costs $88.00 before tax.
  • 1x Perfect Matcha Spoon
  • 1x Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk
  • 1x hand-built Ceramic Tea Bowl by Margit Nellemann
  • 1x Matcha trial pouch (your choice)

Our Oolong gift set is perfect for someone starting to step into the world of tea appreciation and tea ceremony, or to enhance the tea experience of the friend / family foodie or cook. It contains our Aroma cup set (1x tall aroma cup, 1x small drinking cup), and two gift tins of exquisite imported premium Oolong teas, all beautifully wrapped, for $90.00.

Most Traditional methods of tea preparation focus on development of aroma, along with taste - the natural scent of tea has always been a crucial aspect of the plant and the final cup. We invite you to sit, sip, and sniff your way through an unforgettable experience - let your nose be your guide!

Tea Cocktails, Tea Simple Syrups, Tea Cakes, Tea Cookies, Tea Appetizers, A Full Roast marinated in (you guessed it) Tea... experience how delicious and versatile these tiny leaves can truly be! The Gourmet gift set is perfect for the foodie in your family or friend group - anyone curious about tea, cooking, and anything in between. The Gourmet Gift Set includes the hardcover copy of 'Culinary Tea: More than 150 Recipes Steeped in Tradition from Around the World' by Cynthia Gold and Lisë Stern, plus ten trial pouches of different tea for the recipes therein! The book has extensive but approachable tea information - tea styles, tea pairings, tea history, and how to prepare it - then dives into some of the most mouth-watering dishes we've ever seen.


Included Teas (Alphabetical):

  • Ceylon OP - Black
  • Classic Earl - Black
  • Cowichan Breakfast - Black
  • Gunpowder - Green
  • Izu Matcha - Matcha
  • Jasmine Golden Dragon - Green
  • Lapsang Suochong - Black
  • Pure Spice - Herbal
  • Qilan Oolong - Oolong
  • Sungma 2nd Flush FTGFOP-1 - Darjeeling



In 2010, we developed a line of 12 Chinese Zodiac tea blends (four black teas, four green teas and four herbal tisanes), integrating the characteristics of each animal of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar into our original recipes. As with all of our tea blends, these were made using organic loose leaf imported teas, organic flowers and organic herbs and spices.

Our Chinese Zodiac Teas are inspired by China’s rich tea history, and the nature of each of the 12 animals in ancient folklore. Each tea and tisane is unique, delicious, and a playful tea-focused way to celebrate and learn about tea and cultural traditions from the place where this amazing drink was born.

In every gift set, you will receive One Each of our Twelve Zodiac tea blends:

  1. Rat   
  2. Ox  
  3. Dog  
  4. Dragon  
  5. Goat  
  6. Tiger  
  7. Snake   
  8. Rooster
  9. Pig  
  10. Horse
  11. Monkey
  12. Rabbit

Our Chinese Zodiac Gift Sets come in three different tea quantities - Chinese Zodiac Trial Pouch Gift Set (12 for $68.00), Chinese Zodiac Gift Tin Set (12 for $133.00), or Chinese Zodiac Large Tin Set (12 for $250.00).



The exact teas and order are a surprise! No peaking!!!

However, we can tell you what styles of loose-leaf tea are included in the Advent this year:

1 x Stainless Steel Tea Strainer

7 x Black Tea

6 x Green Tea

5 x Herbal Tisane

2 x Oolong Tea

1 x Darjeeling Tea

1 x White Tea

1 x Pu-erh Tea

1 x Advent booklet

The format of our 2020 Tea Advent Calendar has changed slightly to focus more on the teas themselves. We’ve put a lot of work into curating our Advent Calendar’s tea and tisane selection this year, to appeal to everyone from the casual tea drinker to the traveled tea geek. The advent contains everything from our favourite high-quality house recipe blends, to exquisite limited-edition rare imported pure teas. While we want to keep the contents a surprise, we CAN tell you that an exquisite selection of our favourite white, black, green, pu-erh, Darjeeling and oolong teas are all accounted for, as well as a selection of calming herbal tisanes for restless pre-Christmas evenings! There may even be a little something from the slopes of our own property to bring your tea advent(ure) full circle...

Our Advent is $275.00, and contains enough teas and tisanes to last you and your household well past the New Year! Order soon, especially if gifting this exciting and wonderful experience to someone afar!

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