Tisane of the Month :: Holiday Spice

Tisane of the Month :: Holiday Spice
Holiday Spice is one of our seasonal favourite tisanes. It is our herbal Masala Chai. It is great all year round, but especially during this season.
Holiday Spice is a mélange of traditional Indian spices...packed with flavour and a gentle bite of pepper. It is a versatile tisane that can be steeped and enjoyed as-is, cooked with milk like a traditional Chai or topped with a dollop of steamed milk to create a spiced misto. This blend can also be used as a mulling spice to add a little depth and interest to your cider or wine during the cooler months. Also excellent for use as an infusion to add to a spiced soup or a curry. It can be ground up and used in baking. It can be used to create a simple syrup...and more!
Save 10% on Holiday Spice (and/or the tisane also known as Pure Spice) all December (while quantities last) and up to 30% when purchasing in bulk!

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