WEEKLY CAFÉ :: Duncan Garage Café & Bakery

WEEKLY CAFÉ :: Duncan Garage Café & Bakery

Oh, the wonderful things we could tell you about this loving, local eatery. Not only were they the first café (ever) to serve our tea, but also happen to have very delicious organic vegetarian items to accompany it!

Many of their items are also vegan and gluten free, and you can easily buy their breads, prepared meals/desserts (frozen or fresh), delicious soups, dressings and dips, all to take home for later in the week.

Currently open for (physically distant) dine-in and take-out.
Monday to Saturday : 8am - 5pm

Duncan Garage Cafe & Bakery
330 Duncan St.
Duncan, BC
V9L 3W4

photos : Duncan Garage (instagram)

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