Welcoming Back Old Friends

Welcoming Back Old Friends

:: BENGAL :: Westholme Recipe :: Blended Black Tea ::

Criss-crossing vast lands of tea cultivation, the tiger once thrived in mountainous areas native to the Camellia sinensis tea plant. Honouring these amazing places, along with their tea traditions, we drew inspiration from the mighty tiger to come up with a spiced blend of beautiful black teas.

- Balanced - Full-Flavour - Crisp - Warming - Ginger Spice - Sweet Cinnamon - Subtle Citrus - Malty - Peppery Zest -


:: BLACK ORANGE :: Westholme Recipe :: Blended Black Tea ::

An extravagant expansion on Classic Earl, we have added pure vanilla bean and orange peel to enhance the natural citrus notes Earl Grey is known for. Using beautiful large tea leaves, the flavours unfold gently into a smooth, warm and comforting cup that is well-rounded and naturally sweet on its own, but also handles milk and honey nicely.

- Pure Vanilla Bean - Fresh Zested Citrus - Creamed Honey - Subtle Cinnamon Malt - Mid-Palate Astringency - Crisp - Comforting -


:: BLACK CREAM :: Westholme Recipe :: Blended Black Tea ::

**Our NEW 2022 recipe weaves together a different combination of high quality whole leaf black teas, which we have carefully selected for both pairing with each-other and with the very same ratio of pure vanilla beans as our previous recipe**

Black Cream is the epitome of a smooth blend. The creaminess of the pure vanilla bean is immediately perceptible in the aroma. The natural vanilla sweetness rounds the cup - an excellent way to enjoy a pure black tea without adding sweetener or milk - however will also stand up to the addition of either.

Pure Vanilla Bean Sweetness - Warm - Rich - Toasted Cocoa - Creamed Honey - Smooth - Strong - Refreshing - Subtle Spice - Malt - Creamy - Comforting


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