01.09.2022 :: Winter Wellness with Westholme

01.09.2022 :: Winter Wellness with Westholme

At Westholme, we care about the whole tea drinking experience – the taste, the culture, the source, the stories, and pure enjoyment in every cup. We also know that ever since tea was first discovered it has been utilized as a medicinal herb.

Tea has been part of holistic advancement of well-being and counteraction of illness since ancient times. Did you know that there used to be doctors who specifically worked with teas? 

While we certainly are not herbal doctors or clinical herbalists, we are tea drinkers. We can attest from our own experience (and testimonials of customers) that there are many benefits in the right cup. 

Recent scientific and technological abilities to isolate constituents and discover molecular level mechanics of this traditional knowledge testifies to the positive effects of a daily cup of tea...

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