01.14.2023 :: New Habits + Year of the Rabbit

01.14.2023 :: New Habits + Year of the Rabbit


A few memorable mentions...


Our team plucked 40kg of fresh tea leaves and produced 18kg of finished tea total!

Although we did spend some time questioning if the tea plants did in fact survive a rather difficult previous summer + winter of weather, we were once again shown the resilience of the teaplants...

By the end of the summer, the tea plants offered more to us than they ever have before. We produced enough Canadian tea to offer our first ever SALE, discounting our home grown tea to share it more widely!
 We welcomed tea drinkers from all around the world for Tea Garden Tours: including local students + students from Japan, guests from the tea industry and from the tech industry. We served people as young as less than a year and also nearing a century. 

AND we began offering a new seasonal Tea Tasting Workshop!


We sent our teas as far as...
Nunavut and Japan,
North Carolina and China
Newfoundland and England
We created two new blends:
Alice in Wonderland and West Coast Breakfast

We welcomed in these new teas to our collection of imported traditional teas: White Monkey, Jasmine Oolong, Mountain Peak, Rising Sun, Golden Snail, King of Duck Shit Oolong, Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong, Osmanthus Oolong, Jia Ji Puerh, Lucky Pig Puerh, Fancy Yunnan Yellow, Big Snow Mountain

We overcame supply challenges to welcome back past favourites: Black Cream, Black Orange, Bengal, Mad Hatter, Rwanda, Honey Orchid Black, Yunnan Gold
Our most popular in 2022 were...
Masala Chai
Cream of Earl 
Golden Chai
Matcha Keiki
AND we welcomed these new partnerships: 

Tea Service: Flyte, EndDive, Leeward Café, Skookumchuck Bakery, Elmo Bakery, Cowichan Performing Arts Centre, Moonshine Coffee, Pendray Inn, Shawnigan Lake School
Tea Retail: The Duncan Garage, Nisga'a Museum, Salt Spring Mercantile, Promise Valley Farm

Many hands came together to make 2022 a success!

We are grateful to all who have continued to support us as we work to overcome cross-industry challenges whilst staying committed to our promise to prioritize sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients.


Read more here...https://mailchi.mp/westholmetea/teashop-updates-10120399