01.27.2023 :: The Truth About Cinnamon...

01.27.2023 :: The Truth About Cinnamon...

One Ingredient, Many Recipes...

We Wear Many Hats Here At Westholme...Here within the walls of the little re-imagined dairy barn on our small farm property our Team works together to...

SOURCE: organic, fresh, high-quality and ethical

  • We import different types of pure teas to offer as-is and to blend
  • We import a variety of pure herbs + spices to offer as-is and to blend

CREATE: all the blends we offer are our own unique recipes, created, hand-blended and hand-packed in house

  • We blend teas
  • We blend teas with herbs + spices
  • Blend only herbs and spices

 (and this is just part of what we do)

All our recipes are inspired by different tea cultures around the world. Thus, with over 150 teas + tisanes, we work with many ingredients!

One Ingredient, Many Recipes: Ceylon Cinnamon

When we are unable to source one particular ingredient...this affects multiple teas + tisanes. Because we blend everything in house (and never compromise on our values while sourcing ingredients) it can take some time to find the right source if there are shortages or delays.

In January we have  faced supply shortages and shipping delays for Ceylon Cinnamon.

What is Ceylon Cinnamon?

Ceylon Cinnamon is also known as True Cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon offers many health benefits!

Tisanes with Ceylon Cinnamon:
Carmina the 9th
Golden Chai
Golden Spice
Holy Spice
Sweet Gold

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