02.27.2023 :: A Journey to Japan

02.27.2023 :: A Journey to Japan

For the past few years at Westholme, we have been working with a co-operative of organic tea farmers in Japan. Our Team has fallen in love with the fresh teas we receive on a frequent basis from across the seas - and it seems many in our community have as well.

 We love learning more about the Japanese art of creating Tea... and we feel privileged to offer such outstanding teas here in Cowichan.



Today tea remains an inseparable part of Japanese culture, having influenced architecture, cuisine, ceramics, and etiquette. Tea is grown throughout most of Japan, from volcanic and oceanic scenes in Kagoshima to fertile river basins in the Fukuoka prefecture. Kyoto was where tea cultivation first began in the country over 800 years ago.

Tea first made its way to Japan from China around the 7th century. Monks studying Buddhism brought gifted seeds of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) back from journeys to China. Thus, Zen philosophies provided the foundation for the development of Japanese tea culture. It was accepted that rituals surrounding preparation and drinking of tea could lead to enlightenment...


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