04.22.2022 :: Tea Makes Our World Go Round

04.22.2022 :: Tea Makes Our World Go Round

Honouring our Mother Earth + Tea for Mother's Day

Nature offers us many lessons and Tea invites us to come the table, to pause + stay a while long enough to notice.

Tea represents how we are connected to the landscape and to each other. This drink has a unique power to heal, transform and soothe. For thousands of years, the tradition of tea has been closely tied to place.

At Westholme, we believe that pure tea remains the most authentic, flavourful expression of place.

Where a tea was grown, soil quality, elevation, as well as cultural and historical contexts is expressed in the leaf. Even timing of harvest is encompassed in a tea. The first leaves of Spring are alive with a unique freshness after winter slumber that shifts with summer heat. Spring teas – greens in particular – are highly sought after.

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