09.24.2022 :: Slowing to the Speed of the Season

09.24.2022 :: Slowing to the Speed of the Season

Autumn is a time of transition. Winding down, grounding, letting go, getting ready for darker and cooler days ahead as we amend our (literal and metaphoric) soils after harvest, and consider what seeds we are planting for next spring. 

Around the world, teas + tisanes are an important part of many festivities to mark seasonal shifts, connect with Mother Nature, welcome in the next cycle and adjust to changes in the environment. 

Nature is our reminder that change is the only constant. Tea is nature in your cup + a wonderful way to reconnect with the seasons: on our planet and in our own lives. 

Traditionally, in China where Tea (Camellia sinensis) was first cultivated ...nature was viewed as more than just the cycling of the seasons: Nature is not just all around us, but within all of us too.

Autumn is the perfect time for welcoming warm + nourishing steeps into our routines as we embrace this next cycle.

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