How to Make Iced Tea!

How to Make Iced Tea!

Iced tea can be wonderful at anytime of year.

Sip instead of soda, or dress it up for a special occasion served in wine glasses. 

The possibilities are endless. Keep it simple and pure or add your own favourite seasonal fresh herbs or fruits, drop in honey or maple syrup, create iced lattes, make tea iced cubes...if you get creative and want to share we would love to hear - let us know !

Here are our go-to recipes for making the perfect iced tea...


1. Prepare as you normally would for hot tea, but use 1.5x the amount tea. Allow the tea to cool to room temperature, then refrigerate.

2. Another option is to prepare as you normally would for hot tea, but pour immediately over plenty of ice. This pour over method requires 2x the amount of tea.


With this method, the cold water draws out, or pulls the flavour from the leaf as opposed to hot water (used in traditional brewing) which pushes the flavour from the leaf. Subsequently cold infusion is a much slower, gentle method that results in a smooth, more subtle, naturally sweet tasting tea.


To prepare a cold infusion you will...

1. Use a clean vessel (glass jar or pitcher) with a lid or cover

2. Place some tea inside (about 1.5x the amount you would use for a hot brew).

3. Fill with cold water

4. Place your sealed vessel in the refrigerator for 4 - 10 hours, depending on the type of tea (less time for whites, greens and wiry/flat oolongs, more for rolled oolongs, puerhs, blacks, and herbal tisanes.)


A great tip for preparing in large quantities sis to make ice cubes with tea. This allows for keeping tea chilled without diluting flavour.

Word of caution: brewed tea has a shelf life! Not only can bacteria begin to grow, but time and exposure will diminish medicinal benefits of tea and herbs.

Tea stored at room temperature should be enjoyed within 2 days.

Tea stored in the refrigerator should be enjoyed within 3 days.


Happy steeping!



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