Here are some golden rules in preparing your perfect steep!

Proportions ::

We suggest 2 grams of tea per cup of water. You do not need a scale to measure out the weight of your tea once you know that 2 grams of pure tea roughly equals 1 teaspoon. One cup of water refers to one metric cup (250ml or 8oz).

For teas with larger leaf sizes, teas blended with herbs and spices, or fluffier herbal tisanes, we recommend using a little more - around 3 grams per cup. However, in the end it is all about how YOU like tea!

Temperature ::

Each tea type has different properties related to cultivation and processing methods and water temperature will enhance certain qualities. A general rule is that more oxidized teas (like blacks, pu-erhs and some oolongs) can take boiling water while less oxidized teas (greens, white and some oolongs) will be burned by boiling water. A simple cooking thermometer may be helpful, but is not necessary. If using a kettle, after reaching a boil, allow it to vent before pouring, or pour boiling water into another vessel before pouring onto the tea leaves. Herbals can be steeped at 100 degrees celsius.

Timing ::

For optimal taste, we recommend setting a timer. If you aren't sure, start with a shorter steep time and increase to taste. We also recommend using a strainer that can be removed, a pot where you can pour off all the tea at once, or a press that can halt steeping.

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