Tea Maker
Tea Maker

Tea Maker

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Description: This lovely, round tea pot is made of tempered glass, and held in a chrome support frame with handle. It is perfect for personal use. The unique built-in stainless steel tea infuser basket is filled with tea and securely attached to its top. This basket can then be immersed into the water to steep, or raised and locked into the lid via a small handle once the desired tea strength has been achieved. Convenient, elegant, and fun to use.  We also offer replacement glass.



  • Tempered Glass Body (Replaceable)


  • Chrome Support Frame with Handle


  • Personal control over steeping with moveable Stainless Steel infuser basket


  • Replacement glass available to purchase

Capacity: 600ml, or 2.5 cups


Please give us a call: +1-855-748-3811 (toll free)
or send us an email: hello@westholmetea.com

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