Tea connects us to the landscape
and to each other

We believe in creating imperfect moments of joy, beauty and splendour

The Westholme Valley is located in the Cowichan region on Vancouver Island. This uniquely beautiful place is where we make our home and blend the finest organic teas and ingredients from carefully sourced farms. Nicknamed “the warm land” by the Coast Salish people, the fertile landscape of Westholme creates a unique micro-climate that fosters the growth of camellia sinensis tea plants – the first entirely Canadian tea.

We draw influences from the wild beauty and timelessness of the pacific northwest to steep our craft. All of our teas are prepared to bring out the unique qualities of each leaf.  Our teas and hand-crafted ceramics unite taste and tactility in the simple ceremony of drinking tea. We add our unique westholme influences to inspire delight in every brewed cup.

Victor Vesely

Living in Japan and traveling through China gave Victor an early taste of tea culture and, when he and Margit purchased their farm in Westholme Valley in 2003, the foundation for Westholme Tea Makers was laid. Now, he honours centuries of tea-making traditions, cultivating our single-origin rare Canadian teas.

Victor endeavours to connect people to Nature through the cup and the tea in it. Creating your most authentic tea experience is rooted in a belief of no compromise on quality, inspired moments shared with others and the intimacy of having fun with it all.

As resident story teller and self-taught tea maker, Victor weaves a new perspective on innovation and Canadian tea culture while always making it feel like home.

Margit Nellemann

Margit grew up on the small Island of Funen in Denmark. Surrounded by orchards and the sea, nature became an integral part of Margit’s life and inspiration for her work in clay. 

Her passion for food led to training as a cook in Denmark and, after travelling through Europe and living in Spain, she moved to Canada and settled in the Cowichan Valley with Victor and their two tea estate dachshunds, Thea and Magnus.

With her background as a chef Margit began to create original tea blends from a variety of teas and herbs. She now splits her time between developing Westholme’s signature tea blends, and crafting beautiful clay vessels that augment the experience and enjoyment of tea.

The Westholme Team

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Born of connection and transformation

We take pride in cultivating our home-grown leaves, blending the finest organic teas and ingredients from carefully sourced farms, and hand-crafting ceramics to accompany the flavours.