About Matcha Teas

In recent years, Matcha has gained enormous popularity worldwide. Whether the Matcha is frothed with a whisk and hot water to be enjoyed straight from a tea bowl, or added to smoothies or tea lattés, pure matcha powder boasts great health benefits. Though Japan refined the processing of Matcha, tea producers outside of the country have begun creating Matcha from a variety of green and white teas, multiplying the variety of flavours and health benefits offered to the world.

For the production of the finely ground green tea leaves used to make Matcha, the plants are covered and grown in the shade a couple of weeks before harvest. This adds a brighter green tone to the teas, and helps preserve a sweeter, grassier flavour. It also increases the chlorophyll, adding more antioxidants. Although China began to experiment with ground tea leaves centuries ago, it is Japan that is home to Matcha as we know it today. True Matcha has been used in traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies for centuries, an elaborate and exquisite ritual.