Bombilla: 100% Bamboo Tea Straw

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Description: Bombilla is the Spanish name for a traditional filtering straw used to drinking loose-leaf Yerba Mate. In recent years, however, the multi-functionality of this straw has found its way into the rest of the tea world. This carved filtering tea straw is made from 100% Bamboo, is reusable, and is excellent for drinking any loose-leaf tea, fruit and/or herb infused water, yerba mate, etc straight from the container of your choosing. Can be used with hot or cold beverages. After enjoying your drink, use a straw cleaner, rinse, and leave to dry. 

Origin: Argentina

Material: 100% Bamboo


- Usable (and Re-usable) with Hot and Cold beverages

- Great for use at home or On-The-Go

- Biodegradable - made of 100% natural materials

- Will not impart any flavours to your drink

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