Grosche MADRID Premium French Press -1500ml

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Description:  The MADRID is a premium French Press with a dual filter system that allows you to brew the perfect cup of tea, hot or cold. The MADRID’s design allows loose leaf tea to infuse completely in just a few minutes. Simply add your favourite loose-leaf tea and pour boiling water over it. Replace the lid, and follow the steeping instructions for your tea. When the tea has steeped to your taste, press down the plunger - this moves the loose tea to the bottom of the tea pot and halts the steeping process. Enjoy hot or iced.

Origin: Canada


  • 100% borosilicate glass beaker is safe for hot liquids and flavour-neutral

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Naturally BPA and Lead-free

  • Chrome housing protects the beaker and and surfaces you place it on from heat

Capacity: 1500ml, or 6 cups

Dimensions: height - 19cm

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