2021 Canadian Tea Spring Harvest Pre-Sale

2021 Canadian Tea Spring Harvest Pre-Sale
:: Welcoming another cycle of Camellia sinensis growing in the Westholme Tea Garden ::
We are awaiting Nature to inform us, as she always does, when to begin our Spring tea harvest and commence another cycle of making our rare garden grown Canadian terroir tea.

We have three teas available for pre-order to guarantee your access to this limited harvest: TREE FROG, WHITE MIST, and HERON'S WAKE.

Your order will be shipped to you once the tea has been made, guaranteeing you will be sipping the absolute freshest of teas! Pre-order through our website and we will be in contact to personalize your Westholme tea journey to your door.

Westholme has always been more than just a tea garden. We import, purvey and blend pure teas, herbs and spices from their traditional growing regions around the world. Our garden invokes an ever deepening reverence for the wisdom of Nature in all things. The tea plants sit on the slope overlooking our teashop and tea production room. A constant reminder of the ancient intelligence in the roots of tea, and an encouraging presence through the process of experimentation, and development of faith.

After greater than a decade of growing tea, this year marks our 5th season sharing of Canadian tea. The resilience of the tea plants continues to inspire great hope for the future - philosophically and practically - as we continue to grow, change and evolve with the guidance, support and wisdom of Nature.

We appreciate your support and we will continue to grow hope and a budding future!
For those who may be new to our tea community, in 2010 we began planting our own tea plants to take advantage of the unique terroir of our home. In 2016 we offered tea out to the world for the first time. We now are producing six distinct tea styles from our 800 Camellia sinensis plants.

We harvest three or four times a year - entirely dependent on Nature. The tradition of tea is closely tied to place – the region, the mountain, the slope, the people. Westholme is the very first Canadian estate-grown tea in the world – an authentic expression of the land, soil, climate, history, and all the hands that have tended to the garden.

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