After some reorganizing of the teashop and gallery space, we reopened the gates of Westholme to the public earlier this month; a careful step forward with limited capacity, limited hours and limited open days. This time was used to test our safety protocol, and to set up our teashop in such a way that our staff and customers could exist happily and securely within our doors, despite the pandemic.
We are excited to let you know that we plan to take another step forward! Westholme will be extending our days and hours at the Teashop starting next week.
TEASHOP HOURS :: (starting June 24th)
Wednesday - Sunday : 11 am to 4 pm
Monday - Tuesday : CLOSED
PICK-UP HOURS :: (starting June 24th)
Wednesday - Sunday : 11 am to 4 pm
Saturday : 9 am to 2 pm @ The Duncan Farmer's Market
Monday - Tuesday : CLOSED
TEAROOM service remains unavailable at this time.
We understand how important the tea service experience has been to so many people within our own community, and for those who travelled to see us. As with so many other businesses these past few months, the pandemic has forced us to pause and reassess many key parts of our operations.
We are so excited to announce that we are reorganizing how our tea service will work moving forward. This will involve a different approach to tea tasting, bringing even more focus to the incredible camelia sinensis plant and all of its flavourful qualities through a curated experience.
We promise we will have you back on our patio and in our tearoom in the near future!
Please stay tuned for updates as we continue reshaping.


Our featured tisane this week is Carmina the 9th - an exquisite Herbal infusion of Lemongrass, Fennel, Ginger, Rosemary and Ceylon Cinnamon.

We created this healing blend to help soothe the stomach upsets of a good friend. This infusion is packed with comforting and calming digestive herbs. It can be enjoyed as an appeasing infusion after a meal, or any time during the day when an added bit of digestive relief is desired. The cup is a lively symphony of flavourful peppermint and lemongrass, growing to a subtle spicy sweetness from the ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, fennel and rosemary. Excellent hot or iced.

Caffeine Free.



Last week, I fired and unloaded a batch of large mugs and short handled cups from the studio kiln. With variation in style, size and design, these pieces will add pleasure and enjoyment to your everyday tea ritual.

MUGS: This mug will hold quite a lot of your favourite drink, hot or cold. A generous handle makes this mug easy to carry around the house, garden or workplace without burning your fingers – ideal for any tea, but especially a black tea or herbal tisane that requires 100°C+ water for optimal steeping.

CUPS: This cup holds the perfect amount of tea and has just enough room for a spot of milk and honey, if you prefer. It can be used for all tea types, but is more commonly used for black teas and herbal tisanes which require 100°C water to steep – the handle will save your fingers from getting burned. The cup is functional and great for everyday use.

HANDLELESS CUPS: This cup is the perfect size to wrap in your hands during a cool day. Its smaller size and capacity, as well as the lack of a handle, are reminiscent of more traditional everyday teacups from China. Typically used for tea steeped at a lower temperature, such as with white, green and oolong tea, the cup allows you to feel the warmth of your beverage without getting too hot for your fingers. 

All of the new works have been posted in the Online Store, and are available in the TEASHOP should you come to visit during our new hours (see top post).

I look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

~ Margit




Due to global circumstances, our Canadian Tea Launch was much quieter than usual this year. In the past, each spring has been a celebration of our growing and plucking season; an opportunity to steep our beautiful homegrown leaves for our supporters and community, sharing stories of the harvest and the growing process as our friends sit and sip in the garden where it was grown. As you enjoy your tea at home, Canadian or otherwise, we thought we could share the stories of our tea with you virtually.

This week, we've chosen White Mist.

This past month has finally brought spring weather typical of our region - much different than the dryer, hotter springs and summers that Vancouver Island has seen these last few years. Each morning, heavy clouds envelope the mountain peaks surrounding Westholme, quenching the slopes and trickling down to our valley and our tea plants. These mists of rain, and the gentle light that glows through the overcast sky, is what White Mist is named for; these are the ideal growing conditions for the young, tender leaves and buds of our exquisite white tea.

After being harvested by hand and gently laid out to air dry, the tea begins its gentle oxidation. As there is little processing involved with white tea types, the structure of the leaves and bud are maintained - as you steep this tea, watch them unfurl in the hot water. The flavour is graceful and rich; the deep complexity of honey with hints of citrus and fresh leaves. The light liqueur truly captures the essence of our Westholme terroir.



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