Mugs + Cups + Tea Bowls

Drawing inspiration and knowledge from thousands of years of tea history, each ceramic piece is created to enhance the flavour profile and drinking experience for your particular tea ritual, be that a special occasion or an everyday routine. From carefully formed tea bowls to asymmetrical yunomi cups, extra large mugs to diminutive oolong sipping cups, all of Margit’s vessels are crafted to accompany and honour the pause we take in our days to enjoy this exceptional, versatile beverage. 
Each one-of-a-kind ceramic piece is hand-built, etched and glazed by Margit Nellemann in her studio here at Westholme in the lovely Cowichan Valley. Margit has always preferred to build her ceramic works without the use of a potters’ wheel; Instead she rolls, kneads, pinches, and shapes the clay vessels until they reach their desired final form. Her work is durable and functional and will happily embellish your life for years to come when handled with care.
All drinking vessels can withstand boiling water, rinsing and scrubbing.