Gallery at Westholme

The Westholme Teashop + Gallery lives in what used to be an old dairy barn. The gallery displays Margit Nellemann's unique and eclectic ceramic creations. Margit builds her pieces using slab and coiling techniques. Each piece is completely individual in its personality, and each is a joy to see and to use.
The contents of the Gallery are ever-changing. Be sure to come by or check our Ceramics page to see Margit's newest works.
In the years since its initial construction, this little building has served a variety of different purposes, from milking room and dairy processing to tack room and general storage area, until in 2010, it underwent a monumental renovation turning the once-dairy parlour into a current gallery space to display my ceramics. 

All of the previous parlour construction was made of heavy duty concrete, with multilevel sections - a trough, milk storage, a tack room, and a storage tower for feed. When the transition from parlour to gallery began, we soon realized that we wanted to maintain its funky feel and make it part of the space. With the help of friends, our gallery was completed a few months later. It has since hosted various gallery exhibits featuring the works of several local and international artists.

The Gallery at Westholme