Cowichan Breakfast is BACK

Cowichan Breakfast is BACK
We went quite some time without our Cowichan Breakfast blend. We thank you for your patience as we navigated supply issues in sourcing the fine teas that combine together to create this blend.
At Westholme, we often share about our appreciate and mission to offer a taste of the landscape – the terroir (which in part describes how a sense of place is expressed by the flavour of a plant - in our case: Camellia sinensis). Each of our tea blends are inspired by the regions where they are grown + sourced...and this past year has truly encouraged an even deeper appreciation for the preciousness and uniqueness of each tea and each place.
Although we put much effort and emphasis on building new relationships with estates and purveyors of fine organic teas, as well as trying new combinations that resulted in new blends like Island Breakfast, West Coast Breakfast and Alice in Wonderland (and they are here to stay!)…we know that nothing could truly replace Cowichan Breakfast.
We are thrilled to share this blend once again with you...and for the month of May, Cowichan Breakfast is our Tea of the Month! Enjoy 10% savings all month! Savings increase up to 30% when you purchase in bulk.
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Thank you again for your ongoing support!
~ The Westholme TEAm

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