Tea Advent(ure) Day 8: Black Cloud

Tea Advent(ure) Day 8: Black Cloud

This is tea of the Day for both our Ultimate Advent AND our Traditional Advent(ure).

Black Cloud is one of our newest arrivals: An April 2021 Limited Harvest black tea that exemplifies China’s small farm ancient tea culture as it has existed for millennia.

Black Cloud is crafted from a slow-growing, high mountain varietal of Camellia sinensis known locally as 'Mei Zhan' and because this variety requires a skillful hand in processing it is not widely offered in the tea industry. Hand crafting tea preserves and develops natural flavours that clarify the varietal specific tasting notes.

It is grown in the mountains just outside of the coastal city of Fuzhou on a tea farm that practices traditional, bio-dynamic and organic farming methods.

The oxidized leaves unfurl to a clear amber liquor with a full-mouthed complexity of toasty, sweet, malty, fruity and vegetal flavours. Notes of semi-sweet chocolate, stone fruit, sweet grasses, molasses and toasted coconut sugar weave together. A clear, mineral sweetness lingers on the tongue long after the cup is drained.

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