TUTU SALE 2021 : Feb 03 - Feb 14

TUTU SALE 2021 : Feb 03 - Feb 14

The Westholme TuTu sale has always been a big bash - a single afternoon event that fills our Teashop with friends and family and neighbours, all in rainbow tutus. In previous years, the TuTu Sale has taken place on February 2nd (02.02) @ 2pm, hence the tutu theme!

A big gathering event isn't possible with Covid-19 this year... but never fear! To avoid crowds while ensuring more folks can participate, we're extending this annual sale for 2 weeks. Please remember to bring your mask (and your tutu) when you come to the Teashop, and remember that there are only 3 household "bubbles" allowed in at a time. This is a small community event, and not available online!

Read below for more details:


February 03 - February 14*
*during open days only - we are closed all Mondays and Tuesdays


Every day of the sale we will be putting out a limited number of discounted teas and a selection of ceramic 'seconds' in our Teashop.

Ceramic 'seconds' are works with small imperfections that Margit has deemed unsuitable for the gallery, but still completely functional and in need of a home (at a discounted rate)! Once they are sold out for the day, that's it! We'll put a new selection out the next day.

Every day of the sale if you show up to Westholme wearing a tutu you are immediately eligible to a 22% Discount on ALL Ceramics in the Gallery.*

* This selection of ceramics does not include the already reduced ceramic 'seconds' in our Teashop.

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