Black Raven Southern Style Sweet Tea Recipe

Black Raven Southern Style Sweet Tea Recipe

A lovely honeyed iced tea. Inspired by generations of homemade summer Sweet Teas recipes of the Southern States, but with all the health benefits of raw honey.


:: Ingredients ::
1/4 cup of Westholme Black Raven Tea
6 cups of filtered water
1/4 cup of raw honey

Black Raven is our featured Tea of the Week until July 28th. It is a blend of premium pekoe teas, bringing together teas from two of the largest growing regions in the world: India and China. The strength and malt of the assamica tea varietal from the Assam District along with with the floral and cocoa complexity of the sinensis varietal from the birthplace of tea make for a robust and smooth steep that blends beautifully with the natural sweetness of honey.

Using good quality water, or filtering your water, is always recommended to ensure you are tasting just your tea! Chlorine and other additives commonly found in water will affect the taste.

We used our local Hardie Honey (which you can pick up in our Teashop) although any good quality, unpasteurized
honey will do.

:: Instructions ::
Combine loose tea leaves and water in a pot. Heat to below boiling (~90°C) then remove from heat to let cool. Stir in the honey once the temperature has dropped below 60°C - this preserves the beneficial qualities of the honey which are destroyed at higher temperatures. Strain the tea leaves. Refrigerate and serve chilled. Enjoy!

(Optional Ideas)
You can add milk (or mylk of your choice) for an iced latte.
Make ice cubes from steeped tea to preserve the strength of your chilled cup!

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