Hario Kyusu Glass Tea Pot (180ml)

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The perfect teapot for single servings, or small double servings and most optimal for multiple re-steepings.

Made from Hario's signature durable heatproof glass, this little teapot offers an easily removablespiral filter in the spout to keep the tea leaves out of the cup.

Glass teapots offer a beautiful way to watch the tea leaves unfurl. Perfect for Oolongs, Whites, Yellows and Puerhs, as well as fine whole leaf Greens and Black teas.

Height: 9.5cm

Width: 9.0cm

Capacity: 180ml

Materials: Heatproof glass body and lid / Stainless steel strainer

Features: Dishwasher Safe

The word kyusu simply means teapot. Kyusu are usually smaller than a western teapot, around 100-300 ml (3-10 fl. oz) is common. A teapot with a volume of more than 300ml (10fl. oz) is perfect for several guests.

Traditionally, Kyusu teapots are made of fired clay, and references a teapot with a side handle. However, the definition of Kyusu is becoming to be used more to simply describe a Japanese style teapot.

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