Minty Nettle

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Style: Herbal 

Origin: Blended at Westholme

Ingredients: Nettle Leaf, Peppermint

Description: This comforting blend was inspired by a large patch of stinging nettle on the property near our shop. Nettle leaf has been used for centuries to treat a vast array of ailments from allergies, anemia, eczema and arthritis. Though infamous for its sting, once the plant has been dried, cooked, or otherwise processed, the sting is neutralized, making it excellent for consumption. Nettle contains several essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. We’ve added an aromatic peppermint to the nutritious, earthy steep of nettle leaf. The result is a restorative, therapeutic herbal infusion.

Tasting Notes: The earthy taste of nettle is balanced and uplifted by warm peppermint notes. 

Brewing Instructions: 2g per cup. 100ºC water. steep 3-5 minutes.

Organic | Caffeine-free

The organic teas we import are artisanally farmed and crafted. They may change with each harvest season. The same tea harvested at a different time of year and processed by a different tea maker will vary slightly in flavour and finish.

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