We are importers of pure organic loose-leaf teas and herbs

We are blenders of artisanal organic teas and tisanes

We are purveyors of functional teaware and ceramic art

We are growers and makers of rare Canadian terroir tea




Teashop + Gallery Hours

We are open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-4pm

Closed Mondays + Tuesdays

We offer both in-person and contactless pick up during open hours.

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We ship Monday to Friday.


Warm Sun

This infusion is the encapsulation of a sunny summer day, and all that it shines its golden light upon. A lemony zest and earthy tones finish with grassy notes and a subtly sweet, floral finish. The cup is complete, complex, and carries with it a calming herbal perfume. Refreshing and revitalizing on a Warm Sunny day.

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The world of tea is full of incredible stories. Join us at Westholme to learn, share and discover new perspectives of tea. Why did tea become the most consumed beverage all around the world? Here we share our "why" and celebrate how tea brings us together.

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Sipping with the Seasons

SUMMER Wellness Set

We are pleased to share our favourite teas + tisanes to support wellness through the season of movement, peak growth, and expansion. In summer energies are moving upwards and outwards as flowers are in full bloom, the sun sits higher in the sky and temperatures have risen. Aligned for this season these steeps are balancing, gently energizing, calming, grounding, circulating, highly nutritive, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, hypotensive, immune-boosting, restorative, gently detoxifying, and carminative.


Teashop + Gallery Open

Over the years, Westholme Tea Company has been continuously re-imagined and re-arranged...from dairy barn to Teashop + Gallery and everything inbetween.

Although we are not resuming Tearoom service, our Teashop + Gallery is here to serve in new ways.

Our endeavor has always been to connect people with high quality tea experiences. We are thrilled to have created more space to dedicate ourselves to this endeavour.

We welcome you to visit and explore our diverse offerings of Teas of the World, unique artisanal Westholme Blends, and how we grow the love of tea through our Canadian Tea Garden.

We aim to make excellent tea experiences more accessible, everyday. We are excited to provide a way to bring the experience of the Tearoom to your own homes, backyards, and even the backcountry through our curated giftsets, teaware, ceramics, books, and of course our teas + tisanes.


Canadian Grown Tea

Westholme is the first commercial organic grower of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) in Canada.

The distinct character – terroir – of our organically grown tea is shaped by the environmental elements of Westholme, in the heart of BC's Cowichan Valley.

More than 10 years of seasonal cycles have developed our Westholme tea garden. Tea making innovation and old-world traditions come together in our collection of home-grown teas from the Cowichan Valley.

The tea plants have been slowly waking up from their winter slumber, in their own perfect timing. We are now harvesting our first flush of Tree Frog Green and White Mist.

Although producing our own tea is a small portion of what we do at Westholme Tea, our relationship with the the tea plant reaches out beyond the garden and informs much of how we work within the tea industry.

We are now welcoming guests to the Tea Garden for the 2022 Tour Season. All tours must be pre-booked. Read all the details here.


Unique Imported Tea + Tisane Blends

Westholme offers a wide and ever expanding variety of artisanal, organic tea and tisane blends. All recipes for these blends are created by co-owner Margit Nellemann, and are carefully hand blended in-house.

The teas we use in these blends are carefully sourced from small-scale organic tea farms and estates worldwide. Since Westholme's beginning, we have worked to build long-lasting and reliable relationships with professional tea connoisseurs, sourcers, and tea estates around the world. These fine, flavourful teas are then blended with organic herbs, spices and zests to create something new.

We know it can be difficult to find pure and honest teas and tisanes. That is why we never use any synthetic or artificial flavourings in our teas. No 'natural' unmarked additives, colourants, perfumes or sweeteners will ever be found in any of our teas. We believe in creating recipes to showcase what nature has to offer. Read more about what we mean when we say 'pure' here.


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