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Since 2010, our dream of growing local tea on the South- facing slopes of our garden has blossomed into reality. Ten years later, we feel fortunate and grateful to be able to celebrate our persistence, to celebrate our amazing staff (past and present), and to celebrate the community that supports us in our vision to create Canada’s home for tea culture here at Westholme. 

Despite the current global situation, Nature continues to do her work. The resilient growth of our tea plants give us great hope for the future, both philosophical and practical. Like the tea-making ritual itself, we continue to pour and steep, to sip and ponder, to drink in the small moments of joy and peace that we can find in each day. 

We invite you to join us in this experience, from the safety of your own homes. 

We are expecting to start our Spring harvest later this month (May) and will begin to make our rare, farm-grown Canadian terroir tea for the season. 

We will produce five tea styles this year, each available for PRE-ORDER to guarantee your access to this limited harvest (while supplies last): TREE FROG, WHITE MIST, QUAIL'S PLUME, MAPLE SMOKED and HERON'S WAKE.

As each Canadian tea’s flavour blossoms at different times of the Spring/Summer season, your order will be shipped to you once the teas have been picked and processed, to guarantee that you will be sipping the freshest tea you’ve ever tasted! Click on the above links to explore tasting notes for each tea and check its individual harvesting time. 

We will be in touch to personalize the tea’s journey to your door.

We appreciate your support, and we will continue to work diligently to provide you with the comfort of our fine teas in your cups at home, until we can see you again. 

Victor Vesely


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