Grosche SAHARA Glass Teapot Warmer

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Description: The Grosche SAHARA Glass teapot warmer is a great addition to a luxurious tea experience. Works best for any smaller glass, ceramic or porcelain teapots. It fits teapots with a capacity of up to 1.2 litres approximately. Keeps tea at the perfect drinking temperature for 2 - 4 hours, no interruption for microwaving or re-brewing required. Great for any gathering, from family to formal company, where tea is present.  

The teapot warmer is made of heatproof borosilicate glass it is naturally heatproof and will never cloud or stain. The clean minimalistic glass design looks beautiful in any room. Tea light candle included. 



  • Keeps teapot warm for 2 - 4 hours


  • Borosilicate glass naturally BPA and lead free


  • Tea light candle included



Diameter of Top: 12.5cm


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